Health Care Assistants – Touch Screen

Routine Daily Care

Care monitor includes a module for Care Assistants and Nurses to record daily interventions and activities with the residents so a clear timeline of contact and care can be maintained.

This also includes reminders and alerts, and a “Care Update” written by the nurse to assist the Care Assistants and others caring for the resident.

An “About Me” section of Care Monitor can be completed by nurses, carers, activities people and friends and family, along with the resident themselves, so that all staff have an overview of the resident’s life, likes, wishes and dreams.

Information which is gathered by daily care staff is automatically available to the nurse while doing her daily notes and at hand-over.

Care Assistants - Touch Screen

  • Events diary
  • Full outlook style Resident’s Diary
  • Daily ADL touch-screen care record
  • Analysis of data from daily recording
  • Daily care and events linked to structured handover system